High quality care with digital solutions

We solve the fragmentation of care and create accountable patients with smart digital solutions at a lower cost.

The HealthFOX Easier Tomorrow service concept provides easy access to healthcare with 24/7 connection to healthcare operators through a digital platform.

With an integrated healthcare platform we connect the entire healthcare team and care chain for optimizing out-patient and in-patient care.

  • HealthFOX unifies patient care, by defragmenting care delivery and setting up new standards for digital medicine.
  • HealthFOX creates accountable patients through automated, semi-automated, and assisted self-care pathways with cognitive behavior therapy that improves patient motivation and adherence to care.
  • Machine learning algorithms highlight the focus for care and empowers the provider to prioritize their time more effectively thereby seeing more patients with improved satisfaction and quality of care.


We streamline the communication between patients and healthcare professionals, reducing the fragmentation of care and building accountable patients.

For Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals

Imaging room

Promoting easy access to care in all conditions and areas. HealthFOX Imaging Room connects patients with doctors and other healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes and access to care.

The core idea of the Imaging Room is to provide doctors with information for making diagnoses or changes of treatment that the human eye cannot see about the patient with sensor or camera technology.

One Snapshot

By integrating patient information from multiple data sources into one-snapshot view,

  • One-snapshot view allows healthcare providers to see the patient holistically and make a fact-based diagnosis
  • Providing the patient with an optimized integrated care plan and progressive self-care program through a smart device from the first appointment
  • Multiprofessional teams from various organizations can collaborate and generate a holistic care plan for the patient


We actively motivate patients throughout their treatment journey, building accountable patients.

  • The patient-centric solution ensures motivated and empowered patients take better care of themselves
  • Two-way connectivity to their healthcare providers to increase adherence to care
  • Real-time information on patient progression for immediate feedback or change to the plan to improve treatment and quality of care


HealthFOX is creating an ecosystem to provide the best solutions to doctors and patients for everyday use.  From medical hardware devices to software innovations and other smart technologies we provide an integrated collaboration opportunity for local and international markets.

HealthFOX Benefits for
Healthcare Providers:

  • Improved doctor-time efficiency up to x5
  • Increase the number of patients seen by therapists up to x14 
  • Saves administrative costs up to 30%
  • Reduce healthcare costs with digital conservative treatment by up to 50%

HealthFOX Benefits for

  • Immediate start of therapy
  • Holistic digital patient support and progressive self-care to improve outcome
  • Every patient has the opportunity to complete the treatment

For Companies

HealthFOX Easier Tomorrow Service Concept provides easy access solutions for employers to improve quality of life of employees.  
We have various clinically proven automated and semi-automated care pathways available that can be used to improve productivity and lower costs for companies.

HealthFOX Products


Insomnia digital therapy is a semi-automated care pathway localized for the South-African market.


Semi-automated digital care for Type II Diabetes is piloting in January 2023 – contact us if you would like to join the pilot.

Lower back pain

This automated care pathway supports people to manage and improve lower back pain.

Stop Smoking

This is an automated care pathway with proven success. It includes information and cognitive behavior therapy for effective behavior change.


Digital ADHD therapy supports children and adults to deal with the pressures of ADHD in everyday life.

Imaging Room

The first digital imaging room is set up in Groblershoop and is operated together with a local non-profit organization Lof Gadal

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Chrisna Ravyse (PhD)
Acting CEO – HealthFOX Southern Africa

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