Imaging Room

Giving Rural Communities Access To Healthcare

The Groblershoop project is done in collaboration with a non-profit organisation LofGedal.  The project uses the HealthFOX platform to integrate patient information, vital signs and patient history for assistance to support healthcare professionals when having remote consultations with patients.

Using smart diagnostic AI solutions to support remote care by identifying signs and symptoms beyond what is visible to the human eye. It allows more accurate decision making for treatment and referrals.

Connecting The Nation

The Imaging Room concept in Groblershoop is the proof of concept for connecting patients to healthcare providers remotely using smart digital tools to support diagnosis and consultation. 

In the future Imaging Rooms will be supporting patients across the continent. From rural to urban areas.  

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Support our visions for improving healthcare. We are always open to look at possibilities for partnerships or new innovations that can enhance our patient-centric solutions and doctors everyday usage of digital services.

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Privacy Policy and Accessibility Statement

Patient records saved in the service are part of the National Health Center patient register.